Competition Law Policy

In compliance with the UK Competition Act 1998, the NDPA has created the following competition law compliance policy. This policy governs member conduct, and the conduct of NDPA meetings, with respect to compliance with the Competition Act.


Members must not enter into any price related discussions or agree upon on any prices, or cost related matters i.e. discounts.

Customer allocation/quotas

Members must not discuss the sharing or allocation of customers between businesses, or enter into any such agreement.

Admission to membership of the Association

The NDPA will ensure that the membership criteria is transparent, proportionate, non-discriminatory and objective. Where an application for membership is denied, the NDPA will ensure the decision is properly documented and the reasoning behind the decision will be clearly stated.

Exchange of statistical data/market trends

Members must not share or discuss details of their company’s sales or market share.

Technical Standards

If a new standard is agreed upon then it must be freely available to everyone.

Conduct of Meetings

An agenda will be set for each and every meeting held by the NDPA, and checked to ensure the matters to be discussed our compatible with this policy. Minutes will be taken for each and every meeting.

New Members

A copy of this policy will be made available to all new members.

Last revised – 6th April 2014